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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Car With 1-800 Car Cash

Where are you located?
250 Parkway Dr, Lincolnshire, IL 60069
Call 1-800 Car Cash for locations across the USA.

What are your hours of operation?
Generally, 1-800 Car Cash locations are open 7 days a week. Please be sure to call 1-800 Car Cash for specific hours of your location.

Do I need to make an appointment?
NO appointment is needed. We are open 6 days a week and offer free indoor parking.

What do I need to bring with me when I come in?
1. Your Vehicle
2. Certificate of Title - Your bank, finance or leasing company may be in possession of your Title. We will pay off your Lien/Lease and obtain the Lien Release from your lender.
3. Lien Release - Proof of payoff, if applicable
4. Proper Identification - Driver's license or valid photo passport
5. Vehicle Registration - Proof of registration
6. Payment Book or Account Number - If vehicle is financed or leased

Do you buy Financed or Leased vehicles?
Yes! We will buy your Financed or Leased vehicle. We send your payoff via FedEx™ and refund you the remaining positive equity. *BONUS CASH* - Most "Extended Warranties" may have a CASH SURRENDER VALUE! Ask your agent for details and application for refund.

Do you buy Out-of-State vehicles?
Yes! 1-800 CAR CASH welcomes all owners and vehicles from all 50 States. We payoff Out-of-State liens.

How long does the entire process take?
When you are at 1-800 CAR CASH, our professional and courteous staff will appraise your vehicle for the highest possible cash value. We do all the paperwork, plate removal and pay you top dollar on-the-spot!

How does 1-800 CAR CASH determine the value of my vehicle?
At 1-800 Car Cash our pros have created a science out of the buying process. We base our ‘cash quotes’ on visual inspections and the latest, real-time data.

Higher Prices at 1-800 CAR CASH?
At 1-800 CAR CASH we offer you top dollar for your car. To uphold this policy, we maintain little or no inventory; cars are sold quickly through exporters, auctions, wholesalers and numerous major national and global sales outlets. This results in greatly reduced middleman margins and profits, administrative costs, and inventory risk. These savings are reflected in a higher price we can pay for your car!
Just ask for our highest, instant cash price…then decide for yourself!

Professional Service

At 1-800 CAR CASH we are all about service. Our knowledgeable and courteous professional staff not only guides you through the process, but helps you eliminate the risks of privately selling your car or being subjected to misleading dealer offers.
We save you time and effort, and are always available to advise you on any aspect of the selling process.

Will I get paid the same day?
Yes! A registered corporate check will be issued to you.

My dealer offered me a "trade-in" it worth my time?
No! Trade-ins are “Always the Lowest Price”. Inflating the value of your trade-in is based upon how much the car dealer can overcharge for their car. It's an old retail strategy that dealers have used for years. It confuses the buyer. Dealers obtain "Off Lease" cars from manufacturers for below market prices. They DO NOT and WILL NOT pay you top dollar. 1-800 Car Cash won’t confuse you. We will pay you the Highest Possible Price on-the-Spot!"

Does 1-800 CAR CASH make house calls?
Please call us at 1-800 CAR CASH for details and information.

Is a "Private Party" sale more profitable?
No! Bargain hunters and tire kickers without cash only look for giveaway deals. A qualified buyer will lease or finance a used/new car at very low or 0% interest rates.
• How about the possibility of not getting paid after you made a deal with that "nice" stranger.
• Bad or fraudulent checks?
• The repairs you need to make after the sale or worse?
• Fraudulent sales tax reporting or an odometer rollback that you will be blamed for!
• You have NO idea with who or “what” you will be dealing with!
• Why take a chance? Come to 1-800 CAR CASH.

We're reliable and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau since 1977.

What about Websites, Internet Sales and Online Outlets?
They sell advertising, classified ads, books and subscriptions. They ‘will’ sell your personal information to others. That’s how they make money. They will NOT buy your vehicle for any price. 1-800 CAR CASH buys and pays you instantly on the spot.


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